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Where Irish Safes Ratings Come From

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The recommendations of the I.S.R.G. are the considered assessment of senior risk managers working with major insurance companies, qualified safe and vault technicians and safe, vault and intruder alarm specification consultants. The work was observed by the Nation Standards Authority of Ireland and The Private Security Authority Of Ireland and assisted by the European Security Systems Association (ESSA) and the European Certification Board (ECB-S) certification experts.

Accredited European Safe Testing And Certification Standards

As with many other products, there are recognised legal European safe testing and certification standards that apply across the E.U. to all certified safes and strong rooms. Certification of these standards is of prime importance when it comes to having accurate information regarding attack resistance in order to formulate guide rates for insurance cover of safes and strong rooms.

I.S.R.G. safe ratings are based purely on accredited European safe testing and certification standards and having been sourced directly from the Republic of Ireland's insurance industry are the official National rates for the Republic of Ireland recognised by The European Security Systems AssociationAn Garda Síochána (Irish Police) and most major insurers in Ireland.

For a list of all European insurance rates for safes see this link: http://www.ecb-s.com

Bogus Rates & Documents

It is important to understand that there is a wealth of misinformation that is still used to sell sub-standard and sometimes dangerous products in the E.U. and this includes safes. Many safe rates and documents circulating in the safe industry today are without any substantive basis, only serving their proponents as marketing tools for questionable products. 

Such documents or "Safe Lists" sometimes originate in other jurisdictions and make various recommendations that on a brief examination can be seen to be completely unconnected to any recognised legal and accredited European safe testing and certification regime. 

Moreover, such documents and rates are often used not only for the marketing of units both new and second hand that do not have accredited testing or certification and that may be of sub-standard manufacture but also second-hand units some of which are known to contain hazaorous substances such as asbestos. 

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