I.S.R.G. convenor Alan Donohoe Redd M.Sec.I.I. was recently invited to give two seminars.

The first, to The Association Of Irish Risk Management, and the second to R.S.A. Insurance.

The seminars were on the topic of European Certification / Ratings And Risk Assessment For Safes.

The seminars covered

  • The work of I.S.R.G. Irish Safes Ratings Group
  • Types of safes
  • European testing and certification
  • Safes assessment checklist
  • Dispelling general safe industry myths
  • Examples of uncertified safes and descriptive fraud
  • Misunderstanding badges and marks

Both seminars were well attended and generated very positive feedback.

To book a seminar please contact us here: I.S.R.G. Contact Page

isrg seminar