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Safes / Alarm And Electronics Systems Integration

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Certified Alarm Integration

Alarm integration is a powerful enhancement to any safe and there are a wide range of certified alarm modules from various manufacturers that allow the integration of a safe with a wide range of external systems providing facilities such as;

  • Duress silent alarm activation
  • CCTV alert and accelerated recording
  • Access control
  • Remote safe lock disabling
  • Movement detection

Most alarm and electronics integration modules have been tested and certified to European standards against tampering and are approved for use with safes certified to the EN1143-1 standard.

Uncertified Alarm Integration

In recent year many safe locks and safe integration systems have arrived in the Irish market that are completely uncertified, the Installation of which, to a certified safe invalidates any certification the safe may have. If an uncertified alarm integration or locking system is fitted to a certified safes of any type that unit is no longer certified. In such a situation the certification badges on the safe are required to be removed. Leaving certification badges in place is viewed as misrepresentation.

Uncertified Monitoring Is Illegal And Will Not Receive Garda A Response

  • Regarding the monitoring of such systems in Ireland, the integration of uncertified and untested alarm equipment with an existing certified alarm system is prohibited for obvious reasons.
  • Without properly accredited alarm monitoring which can only apply to a properly certified alarm system fitted by a PSA licensed contractor An Garda Síochána will simply not respond to any form of alarm activation.

Despite all of this, untested and uncertified safe / alarm integration equipment is still being offered on the market in Ireland and has even been recommended by some insurance providers who should know better.

Remember: Alarm integration equipment and duress systems are available from a wide range of safe lock manufacturers. There is absolutely no need to use uncertified equipment that may jeopardise a client’s safety and security as well as invalidate a safes certification.