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The New Safe Rating Recommendations For Ireland

New Safe Rating Recommendations For Ireland

Until recently, in the absence of a qualified national source for safe ratings, the insurance and security industry in Ireland had found itself relying on insurance ratings recommended by the U.K. safe industry even though U.K. ratings make many references to safes which have no recognised accredited European certification and insurance amounts are naturally only stated in pounds Sterling.

Formed in January 2016, The Irish Safes Rating Group is a panel of insurance and safe and vault industry experts who have finally addressed this situation and who will make and periodically update recommended insurance ratings specific to Ireland for the overnight cash cover related to certified and tested safes, strong rooms and secure cabinets conforming to EN14450, EN1143-1, EN1143-2.

The group was formed by its convenor Alan Donohoe Redd at the request of The European Security Systems Association (ESSA). Alan is an Extraordinary Member of ESSA, a member of the Security Institute Of Ireland and the only Irish representative on the European Union’s CEN Committee 263 dealing with drafting new European standards for safes, vaults and related locking systems.

These new ratings recommendations are specifically for Ireland, taking into account risk factors specific to the country and addressing factors that are currently absent from the U.K. guidelines such as intruder alarm installation.

After a preliminary meeting and seminar to bring the group members up to date on all the relevant issues, the inaugural meeting to put together the first set of recommendations was held on the 18th of May 2016 at the offices of Hibernian Asset Protection at 12 Merrion Square Dublin 2.

In attendance were;

Alan Donohoe ReddESSA – Extraordinary Member – Security Institute of Ireland – Member – CEN – Committee Member – I.S.R.G. – Convenor
Dr. Ian CowanThe National Standards Authority of Ireland – Senior Standards Officer
Dr. Markus HeeringECBSESSA – Managing Director
Falko AdomatESSAECBS – Certification Engineer
Paul ScallanPrivate Security Authority – CEO
Paul MullenChubb Insurance – Senior Risk Consultant
Ciaran RoacheFBD Insurance – Senior Risk Manager
Jason KellyThe Association of Irish Risk Management – Secretary –Travelers Insurance – Senior Insurance Risk Surveyor
Cahill McGuireSAVTA (Safe And Vault Technicians Association)

Supplementary Advisors who attended the preliminary meeting were;
William Hamill (SAVTA) and Peter Walsh a leading electronic security and intruder alarm expert.

The group’s recommendations have now been published by The European Security Systems Association for general circulation.

  • The new Irish safe ratings differ significantly from the U.K.’s ratings in that they take into account the installation of an intruder alarm, something that is a common factor for ratings in the rest of Europe but has yet to be addressed in U.K. ratings.
  • There is also a marked difference in content or jewellery cover. In the U.K. this is recommended at ten times the cash cover. The insurance industry representatives felt that for Ireland this was too high and the rate has now been set at five times the cash rating.
  • Another significant difference is that after a seminar given by Falko Adomat (ECB-S) to the group it was the consensus that certified secure storage units EN14450 which to date have been sold as “safes” in the Irish market would no longer have a recommended cover as these units were never intended for anything other than secure domestic or office storage.
I.S.R.G. Ratings May 2016I.S.R.G. Recommendations-Vr5

May 2016

All recommended ratings are subject to risk assessment and the appropriate security controls being in place.

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Recommended insurance amounts

Secure cabinets EN14450 – Safes EN 1143-1 – Deposit Safes EN 1143-2

Amounts in €1000 units
Contents cover is five times cash rating


Type Without Intruder Alarm With Intruder Alarm
S1 EN 14450 Secure Cabinet NA NA
S2 EN 14450 Secure Cabinet NA NA
0 EN 1143-1 Safe €3,750.00 €7,500.00
I EN 1143-1 / EN1143-2 Safe / Deposit Safe €6,250.00 €12,500.00
II EN 1143-1 / EN1143-2 Safe / Deposit Safe €12,500.00 €25,000.00
III EN 1143-1 / EN1143-2 Safe / Deposit Safe €12,500.00 €50,000.00
IV EN 1143-1 / EN1143-2 Safe / Deposit Safe €12,500.00 €90,000.00
V EN 1143-1 / EN1143-2 Safe / Deposit Safe €12,500.00 €150,000.00
VI EN 1143-1 Safe €12,500.00 €200,000.00
VII EN 1143-1 Safe PA PA
VIII EN 1143-1 Safe PA PA
IX EN 1143-1 Safe PA PA
X EN 1143-1 Safe PA PA
XI EN 1143-1 Safe PA PA
XII EN 1143-1 Safe PA PA
XIII EN 1143-1 Safe PA PA
  • Recommended amounts are for indicative purposes only and are subject to approval by the insurer on a case by case basis
  • Certified deposit safes are only available in grade 1 to 5 and display the certification EN1143-2. Any other mark not accepted
  • Certified safes with a weight of <1.000 kg must be anchored at the place of installation in accordance with the EN1143-1 specification
  • NA – Not advised
  • PA – Prior approval recommended – It’s necessary to discuss this cover in detail with your insurance company as it falls outside normal recommendations

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