Standards EN 1047-1 and EN 15659 require a fire resistance test of the complete safe or vault system, not only of wall panels as is the case with BS 476-20 or DIN 4102.

Protection class – Quality characteristic for fire protection
European Standards EN 1047-1, EN 1047-2 and EN 15659

The requirements include fire endurance tests in the course of which the temperature increase in the interior of the secure storage units is measured.

The additional fire shock and impact test carried out on data cabinets simulates the falling down of structural components (e.g. of the ceiling) on the product in the event of fire. The additional impact test made on type B data rooms and data containers is used to determine a specific level of mechanical security. In type A data rooms, mechanical protection is already provided due to their design and construction.

Protection classes of products for the protection of data and systems
Product Protection class Certification
Light fire unit LFS 30 P EN 15659
LFS 60 P EN 15659
Data cabinet S 60 P EN 1047-1
S 120 P EN 1047-1
S 60 D EN 1047-1
S 120 D EN 1047-1
S 60 DIS EN 1047-1
S 120 DIS EN 1047-1
Diskette insert DI 60 P/DIS EN 1047-1
DI 120 P/DIS EN 1047-1
Data container C 60 D EN 1047-2
Data room R 60 D
Typ A
EN 1047-2
R 60 D
Typ B
EN 1047-2

Please note:

Light fire storage units are only subjected to a fire endurance test (without cooling curve).

The abbreviations in the table stand for:

  • LFS – Light fire storage unit to EN 15659
  • S – Data cabinet to EN 1047-1
  • DI – Diskette insert for installation into a data cabinet of protection class S 60 P and S 120 P, respectively, to EN 1047-1
  • C – Data container to EN 1047-2
  • R – Data room to EN 1047-2
  • 30 – Exposure to flames for 30 minutes
  • 60 – Exposure to flames for 60 minutes
  • 120 – Exposure to flames for 120 minutes
  • P – Suited for heat sensitive paper documents with stress limits up to 170°C
  • D – Suited for heat and humidity sensitive data media with stress limits up to 70°C and 85% air humidity
  • DIS – Suited for heat and humidity sensitive data media with stress limits up to 50°C and 85% air humidity