EN14450 Secure Cabinet Rating Explained (Special Note Regarding EN14450 Secure Cabinet Rating)

The “Secure Cabinet” standard EN11450 was introduced in Europe in 2005 and was intended as a standard for Secure Cabinets used in a domestic setting. This standard was introduced to address the need for a certification that could be referenced when a light secure cabinet is required for the safe storage of general items in a home setting such as passports or a camera.

The standard was developed as away to assure a user of these units that the locking mechanism and construction were consistent with the most basic needs of secure storage. That an EN1300 lock resistant to bump or pick attacks was employed and that the body offered a degree of protection against most hand tools.

EN14450 Secure Cabinets are not in the same standard as EN1143-1 certified safes.

For S1 and S2 cabinets only “hand tools” are used.Primarily; • 1,5 kg hammer , Chisel, Crow bar < 730 mm , Bolt cropper, Hand saws, Wedges, Punches, Screwdriver, cordless drill  (approx. 500 W) “normal” drill bits. (In the EN 1143-1 this tool category is the most basic category “A”)

On examining the test times and requirements of the standard for Secure Cabinets EN14450, the insurance participants in I.S.R.G. decided there was no basis for an indicative rating for these units in the jurisdiction of the Republic of Ireland in a commercial or domestic environment for two primary reasons:

  • The EN11450 is a “Secure Cabinet” standard and was never intended as a standard for a cash holding unit. Given this fact, to indicate a cash cover could be quite misleading.
  • As these units are “Secure Cabinets” they were never intended for use in a commercial setting. Providing an indicative cash cover for these light units might mislead people to think that an overnight cash cover should be available in a commercial setting.

This decision regarding Secure Cabinets EN14450 parallels conclusions arrived at by the insurance industries of Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and Slovakia. Germany does not provide any cover for these units in a commercial setting.

This decision by the Irish insurance industry representatives does not however mean that these units will not receive an insurance cover. I.S.R.G. recommendations like all such recommendation across Europe are for indicative purposes only.

An insurance company may decide to cover goods held in these units under particular conditions but that is purely on a case by case basis.

An insurance rating should not be quoted for these units when they are being offered for sale.

These Secure Cabinet units should not be described as Safes.

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