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Contact Us

Contact Us

As I.S.R.G. is a voluntary ad-hoc group we do not maintain a dedicated phone number. 

Please use the contact form if you wish to relay a message to the group convenor. 

  • ISRG is not a lobbying group, a trade association or an advocacy organisation and has no appointed spokesperson. 
  • ISRG has no connection with how CEN votes are conducted and no input with the NSAI in that regard. 

When individual participants in the group are involved in working groups, seminars or meetings of any description outside of ISRG they represent their personal views only and not those of ISRG as a whole. 

We welcome all members of the insurance industry who have qualifications that enable them to make an educated contribution to our work. Work is completely voluntary. 

As all participants in the group are busy professionals the group only meets when required. For example, in the event of new testing procedures, changes to certification rules or new technology that effects attack resistance. 

To date the National Standards Authority Of Ireland and the Private Security Authority of Ireland have sat in an observer capacity on the group. 

E-mail: info@isrg.ie