Irish Safe Ratings

I.S.R.G. safe ratings take into account the installation of an Intruder Alarm which is a common practice for setting these recommendations across Europe. This results in two sets of recommendations one with and one without a monitored intruder alarm installed.

I.S.R.G. Ratings recommendations are public domain and free to disseminate.

The I.S.R.G. logo can be used when authorised by the group administrator. We only restrict it’s use where it may mislead the public or where it may be used in an unethical way. If you wish to use the logo in conjunction with the I.S.R.G. ratings just drop us an e-mail stating the context in which you wish it to be used.

We will then send you a high resolution logo you are free to use.

For a printable version of these recommendations click the PDF link.

isrg rate chart